t1_phils_hostages_kids_ap.jpgMANILA, Philippines (CNN) — At least two gunmen took preschool children and their teachers hostage on a bus, as they headed on a field trip in Manila Wednesday morning, authorities said.

“Our hostages are 32 kids and 2 teachers,” a sign in the bus window said. “We have 2 grenades, an Uzi and a .45-caliber pistol.”

The sign also said: “We want housing and schooling for 145 kids in a daycare center.” (Watch the bus and the telephone that’s been placed for the hostage-takers to use Video)

A local politician, Sen. Ramon Revilla, entered the bus early in the afternoon to conduct direct negotiations with the men.

About an hour later, a child was taken off the bus, after complaining of not feeling well. He was placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital, as temperatures soared into the mid-30s C (90s F).

The engine of the purple-and-gray bus continued to run, providing air conditioning, AP reported.

One of Revilla’s children is the godson of one of the hostage-takers, who’s been identified as Jun Ducat, said Col. Rommel Miranda of the Manila police department, in citing both Ducat and the senator.

Ducat has been “described as very kind and helpful to other people,” Miranda said, adding, “He’s one of those people who helped children go through pre-school” in the local area. (Watch what’s known about Ducat Video)

Another politician, Sen. Alfredo Lim, a former Manila police chief, said Ducat, had once taken two Catholic priests hostage over a pay dispute.

Local media reports said he was the owner of the daycare center, but that could not be confirmed.

“He actually knows all of these children and all of the teachers on the bus,” said Social Welfare Secretary Esperanza Cabral, who talked with Ducat on the phone. “He has been a donor to the daycare center and to the school.”

Ducat was disqualified as a congressional candidate in 2001, AP reported. It was not immediately clear why he was disqualified.

The hostage drama just a short distance from City Hall.

Earlier video from the scene showed a woman making the hand symbol for a phone to police nearby, as a man held a grenade next to her arm.

Police later put a wired telephone on the ground next to the bus, but no one came out to claim it.

A second sign later appeared in the bus window, saying, “We need an amplifier so you can listen to what we’re asking for.”